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Glass is a wondrous artistic tool.  It is both the controller, and yet, controllable, setting limits, conditions, properties, which, when understood and applied successfully, allow me much latitude in form and possibility of expression.  My art is message driven, providing me a way to comment, explore, recognize and challenge, without words. Success is achieving a dialogue with the viewer through my art. 

About Me


A Washington, D.C. native, I began working in kiln-formed and lampworked glass in 2002 and have studied with many acclaimed glass artists in the US and Europe. In 2005 I established Trilogy Glass Art to explore and create both functional and non-functional glass art. In 2010, seeking the opportunity to teach kiln-formed glass, I joined the Art Glass Center at Glen Echo as a Resident Artist. I am also a member of the National Capital Art Glass Guild  (NCAGG) and served as a director of the guild for several years. I have a never-ending interest in the material properties of glass and spend much of  my time experimenting and exploring its behavior and possibilities in my Maryland studio.


  • The  Art Glass Center at Glen Echo
  • Maryland Federation of  Art 
  • National Capital Art  Glass Guild 
  • James Renwick Alliance
  • Steamboat Springs Arts Council